Far Cry 1.3 under the microscope

The guys at EliteBastards have taken a very nice look at the new Far Cry version 1.3 patch, complete with screenshots and benchmarks. Somehow, I missed the fact that the patch adds support for high-dynamic-range lighting on GeForce 6-series graphics cards. Hit the link above for some screenshots and benchmarks showing how the effect looks and what it costs in terms of performance. I believe this is the first game to use the 16-bit blending capabilities of the GeForce 6 GPUs for HDR lighting. Any DirectX 9-class Radeon can do HDR lighting, too, but it's a little more work, and Crytek chose not to include the effect for Radeon cards.

(As I post, I can't seem to reach the web server for these guys. Hopefully it'll work for you or be back soon.)

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