Weekly folding update

Another week, another folding update! Welcome back as we go in depth for rivalry week!

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Back? Good, lets get to it.

AMD/Intel. Packers/Bears. Yankees/Red Sox. Red Wings/Avalanche. Jessica Simpson/Ashlee Simpson. What do all these pairings have in common (other than the fact that none of them can sing a lick)? Rivalries. Long, bitter, hotly contested rivalries. Well, here at the TR Folding@Home team we have rivalries too. This week, I'm going to focus on two of the more intense rivalries on the team, the Yankees/Red Sox and Bears/Packers of TR's F@H team.

First up is the Mother of All Folding Battles. Yes, we're talking Leor/Haggis! This epic confrontation started way back in late June. Check out the start of it all right here. Also in that thread is a classic quote from Haggis! That went on for the better part of two months. It was really something. Leor would have a power outage and take a dip, and Haggis would have a dip at the same time. The rest of us kept saying, "one of you, please end this!" But no, these two gladiators stood toe to toe, taking whatever the other guy dished out and dishing out some of their own. Then things heated up even further when Haggis! gained the upper hand—for all of 3 hours. Then Leor roared back and took his customary position right in front of Haggis! by the slimmest of margins. Eventually, the stress of the contest started to get to Leor. Fortunately for Leor, some downtime by Haggis! has widened the gap a bit, so that today Leor has a 12,000 point lead. But he has to live with the knowledge that while he may have ridden out the first wave, the Meat Dish still lurks...

Our other big battle is the tilt between Just_Brew_it! and Atryus28, with a little flavor added by pmeysemb. It was in late August when Atryus called out Brew. Now, its not a good idea to wake the CrateMaster unless you have some punch to back it up, but Atryus felt he was up to the challenge. And he was, several times. It was just that every time he passed Just_Brew_it, something would happen to drag him back down. He'd pass Brew, then he'd lose a system. Brew would lose a system or two, Atryus would surge ahead again—more lead changes than the 1991 World Series. At one point, Just_Brew_it had 208,460 points to Atryus' 208,459. Can't get much closer than that! Meanwhile, pmeysemb snuck onto the field of battle, passing both Atryus and Brew before settling down right ahead of them. At the moment, pmeysemb is #20, Brew is #21, and Atryus is #22. Brew just snuck back ahead of Atryus in the last 24 hours. Keep your eye on the standings to see how this battle shakes out. Right now, its too close to call.

The Frankenbot project has also picked up steam in the past week. Cass has gotten the "diskless monstrosity" off the ground and is making good progress toward a full-on diskless farm for the Frankenbot. You can check here for specific parts that we're looking for. If you've got a part that you think we might be able to use that isn't on the list, send me a PM in the forums or drop me an e-mail (my address is in the parts thread linked above). As always, you can look here for details on our existing bots.

That's all for this week! Have a good week, and fold on!

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