VIA plans poly-Esther processor

Here at TR, we've already alerted you to dual-processor mini-ITX boards, but VIA has another trick up its sleeve with twin-core x86 processors slated for June of next year. Bearing two separate Esther cores on the same package, the 90nm chips will sip just 3.5W running at 1GHz, and scale up to a 2GHz beast of Eden. The Esther core itself features VIA's PadLock security features, as well as NX-bit memory protection.

Infoworld's article also sheds some light on the nuances of multi-core technology. VIA's "twin-core" strategy, using two separate pieces of silicon in the same package, presents a different set of challenges and advantages than integrated dual-core processors, made from a single chip. At a given frequency, dual-core chips will be faster than twin-core because of their faster interconnect, but that advantage may be mitigated by VIA's ability to find true eHarmony with cherry-picked pairs.

AMD also plans to debut dual-core processors in mid-2005, and Intel is set to follow later that year.

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