Abit intros Fatal1ty gear

Abit has finally made the official announcement about its Fatal1ty-branded hardware. The products include the expected motherboard, an Intel 925XE board dubbed the AA8XE, and a Radeon X700 XT graphics card. Both products look to be best-in-class or nearly so, and the mobo's separate daughtercard for audio, a la the DFI LANParty boards, might just sound pretty good.


Fatal1ity is a friend of mine, and naming hardware for a pro gamer is an interesting move, but given the tepid gaming performance of the processors suited for this motherboard, I'm not sure how much success this first wave of Fatal1ty hardware will have. I suppose this is the true test of a marketing scheme—either that, or they'll have to get some monster overclocks out of slower Pentium 4 chips on the 1066MHz bus in order to generate interest.

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