VIA talks about the audio future

The Noise Report has a tasty little interview with VIA's audio marketing guy, Keith Kowal. They talk about the current state of PC audio, VIA's support for the Intel High Definition Audio standard, a planned successor for the Envy24, and more, including this bit:
TNR: Last year Creative Labs bought Sensuara, one of the last competitors to Creative’s own 3D audio technologies. Have you seen any effects of this acquisition? Will we continue to see Sensaura’s 3D audio engine used with VIA’s next generation chips? Or is Creative looking like they’ll swallow Sensaura whole like they did Aureal?

Keith: I cannot comment on this at the moment. Please look for an announcement from us very shortly.

Hmmm. All the rumblings I've been hearing have been about Creative playing nice with the rest of the world. I'm unsure whether to anticipate a friendly new agreement or something else. (Thanks [H].)
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