ATI R5xx details emerge

Reports out of ATI's recent analyst conference reveal some interesting tidbits on the company's upcoming R5xx graphics chip family. Beyond3D has the goods:
The reports state that ATI have confirmed they are due to launch their new architecture, the basis of the R5xx series, in the first half of 2005. Goldman also believes the architecture to be based on Shader 3.0 and be very focused on the memory interface and bus. The expectation is that GDDR4 memory technology will ramp in production in late 2005 and the memory interface will be compatible with it and be designed to scale to speeds of 1.2GHz (2.4GHz effective) over its lifetime.
The report goes on to claim that ATI has already taped out R5xx products on TSMC's 90-nanometer process. That's a notable shift for ATI, who have traditionally limited the use of new fabrication technologies to mid-range and low-end graphics chips.
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