Weekly folding update

Another week, another folding update! Welcome back as we take a look at the opposition. But first, time for our weekly stats and links check. Go ahead and take a look, then we'll get a move on: Now, wasn't that thrilling? Yeah, I thought so too.

"Know thy enemy and know thy self and you will win a hundred battles." -- Sun-tzu, The Art of War.

This week we're going to take an in-depth look at one of our two main opponents, Team MacOS X. The Mac folks have been nipping at our heels for the better part of a year, and show no signs of letting up. How are they doing it? What do they bring to the table? Lets take a look.

Team MacOS X has 2,194 members. Of that total, 570 are active folders. By comparison, The Tech Report team has 1,209 members and 362 active folders. As of this writing, the Mac folks are averaging 95,638 points per day. They are currently in 14th place overall, five spots behind The Tech Report's F@H team and are currently about 6,000 points per day behind us on average. But as recently as this past Friday, they were out-producing us. Don't let this current drop-off fool you; this is a force to be reckoned with!

Team MacOS X is much more top-heavy than Team TR. Their top folder, Christian_Bargmann, is producing 11,000+ points per day. To put that in perspective, Christian_Bargmann is producing more by himself than the top three TR folders (LordIcon, drfish and Nulfire/Druid) combined! Their #2 producer also produces twice as many points as the top TR team member at almost 8,000 points per day. However, after that the balance starts to swing TR's way. From #3 down through #20, The Tech Report Team easily outdistances the Mac folks. Their #20 producer (born_sleepy) contributes 670 PPD (points per day), while the same ranked producer on Team TR (Just_Brew_It!) checks in with over 1100 per day. While they have a larger team and a couple of real home-run hitters, Team TR has a much higher average per user and a deeper lineup. In the Top 20 of each team, the averages are strikingly close. The Tech Report wins hands down from the 21st ranked producer down:

The make the Frankenbot scary project wrapped up yesterday with Frankie breaking into the Top 20 for two straight weeks and jumping into the top 100 on the team overall. Thanks to all who donated a 'bot for the week. Cass has run into a few problems with the Diskless Monstrosity, but has made progress toward a full-on diskless farm for the Frankenbot. You can check here for specific parts that we're looking for. If you've got a part that you think we might be able to use that isn't on the list, send me a PM in the forums. As always, you can look here for details on our existing bots. We added another full time 'bot this week, bringing the permanent processors under the Frankenbot's control to seven. So check those part boxes, see what you don't need, and send it in!

That's all for this week. Have a good week, and fold on!

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