VIA confirms QSound support

After TR readers noted that VIA had apparently built QSound algorithms into its latest drivers for the Envy24 audio chip, likely replacing the Sensaura technology previously there, we decided to ping VIA to see if the company would confirm the move. Their first answer was a little reluctant to let the cat out of the bag:
We should be making an announcement regarding this very shortly. I think you can surmise what that announcement will be. All I can say is that we think QSound has some of the best positional and surround sound algorithms out there.
However, perhaps after noting that said cat was out of the bag and that we were merely pointing to the cat and asking "Hey, what's up with that cat?", VIA acknowledged the cat's presence to us:
Also, yes, the latest Envy24 family drivers do support QSound.
So there you have it. We should be hearing more official talk about this move before too long.
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