The Inq gets inside Intel

The Inquirer has viewed an Intel internal webcast in which company bigwig Paul Otellini talks about Intel's processor strategy with employees. They've spread the bits of news from that source of info across four different stories, so you'll have to click a little. Among the subjects are Intel's efforts to keep Dell happy and in the fold, market share gains for Opteron, the decision to nix a 4GHz chip, and the race to dual-core processors. The thread running through these conversations is Intel's series of recent decisions to shake up its roadmap. Otellini apparently spoke often of trying to restore a high level of confidence in the roadmap's accuracy, so customers would be happy, while making the adjustments necessary to keep Intel's products competitive. It's all very interesting for Intel watchers, if nothing terribly new.

One bit of real news is reported by the Inq is that Intel's dual-core designs will apparently sport shared cache architectures, splitting on-chip cache between two CPU cores. Intel seems to believe this approach, in combination with a more traditional front-side bus/north bridge memory controller, will yield better performance than AMD's combo of integrated memory controllers, separate caches, and HyperTransport. However, the report is a little short on details, so I wouldn't read too much into that sentiment just yet.

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