HP offers new Digital Entertainment Center

My dad has long enjoyed using the original Linux-based version of HP's Digital Entertainment Center, a nifty "TiVo for music" device that got canned prematurely, in part because it cost more than it probably should have. Now, HP has resurrected the product as one of the growing legion of digital set-top boxes based on Windows XP Media Center Edition. This new spin of the box is a do-everything device that can replace a real TiVo, among other things:
The z545 -- which boasts a 3 GHz Pentium 4 processor, 200 GB internal hard drive, built-in DVD writer, dual RF TV tuners, and a long list of interfaces ports and audio/video features -- is meant to serve as a central repository for all of a household's digital media, including music, movies, TV, and photos.
HP has even cooked up an extender box with Wi-Fi that allows one to use the device from a second TV.
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