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Folding update time! Welcome back as we take a look at the opposition. But first, time for our weekly stats and links check. The sooner you go check it out, the sooner we can get on with our look at the Goons:

"You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory." -Winston Churchill

Last week, we took a look at Team MacOS X. This week, we're going go inside our biggest and most persistent threat, somethingawful.com's SAGoons. This is a very worthy adversary, and if we want to keep them in our rearview mirror, we have some work to do. In order to help us do that, lets see what makes them the force that they are.

The Something Awful Forums is one of the largest on the Internet, with over 49,000 members. The Tech Report's current forum membership stands at 7,957. With such a large pool of potential folders for SAGoons, the numbers that follow make sense. The SAGoons have 2,205 folding team members. Of that total, a whopping 777 are active folders. At the same time, The Tech Report team has 1,233 members and 388 active folders. The Goons are averaging 108,712 points per day. They are in 11th place overall, two spots behind team TR, and they produce about 3,000 points per day less than us, on average. However, at any given time, they seem to be able to turn on the nitrous and close that gap with quickness. They also seem to pick up the pace substantially in the winter months.

Like last week's Mac team, the SAGoons are very top-heavy. Their top folder, embe, checks in at over 10,000 points per day—just astronomical production. Their #2 and #3 producers, HypeTelecon and digitalrave.net, produce over 5,000 points a day. As with Team MacOS X, however, Team TR wins the contest after that. Their #20 producer (zara) contributes 517 PPD (points per day), while the same ranked producer on Team TR (TRFrankenbot) cranks out over 1100 per day. On average, Team TR easily outdistances the Goons.

So, the entire threat posed by the SAGoons is almost entirely related to the fact that their pool of potential folders is more than six times what ours is. On average, they are nowhere near us.

On the Frankenbot front, Cass has got the diskless Frankenbot farm up and running! The Diskless Monstrosity has a total of six processors, and more can be added with minimal effort. A huge thanks to cass for spearheading this beast and spending countless hours fiddling with it getting it to work. And thanks to all the folks who have donated to the Frankenbot project. Check out the official TR Frankenbot thread for details on our running bots and our parts-wanted list and see if you've got something we need.

That's all for this week. Have a good week, and fold on!

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