More on 3dfx's new Voodoos

— 12:20 PM on November 15, 1999

3dfx has made it official and announced the Voodoo 4 and Voodoo 5 (see our earlier story on the announcement). Now that the cat's outta the bag, the hype machine is in overdrive. 3dfx's official/promotional site has a whole slew of screenshots, movies, etc. about the product formerly known as Napalm. Follow this link to for a look. There's even an interview (very friendly, of course) with Scott Sellers about the new 3D chips. I found this Q&A exchange interesting:

3dfx: Is the VSA-100 Engine, the chip that powers the Voodoo4 and Voodoo5, still based on the original Voodoo Graphics core, or is it an all new design?

S: It’s somewhere in between. The VSA-100 is still based on the Voodoo Graphics core, for compatibility reasons, but we’ve made significant changes to the overall design. We had to build in support for 32-bit color, 2 pixels per clock rendering, new texture modes, new combine modes, tremendous scalability improvements, support for texture compression, larger texture sizes and a number of other new features. At heart, it’s the Voodoo core, with lots of substantial changes. As a result, we consider it to be really close to a new architecture.

By the way, as expected, the new 3dfx cards won't be available until well after the first of the year.
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