Veterans Day

  1. VIA releases PadLock VPN utility for encrypted networking flexibility
  2. TechConnect releases Glonim 1.00, a tool for Windows
  3. PenStar Systems has NVIDIA SLI certification and SLI overview
  4. AnandTech's Linux Xbox PC experiment (thanks Lo Yuk Fai)
  5. My Guy Games' EQII vs. WoW coverage part III
  6. PCStats on home networking: a visual do-it-yourself guide
  7. OCIA's Thanksgiving giveaway
  8. Games Fusion has The Saga of Ryzom competition giveaway

  1. HardTecs4U reviews ASUS T2-R barebone (in German)
  2. HardwareZone reviews Gigabyte N512 Centrino notebook
  3. GamePC's Dothan revisited: focus on gaming performance
  4. Legit Reviews on Athlon 64 3500+ (Winchester core)
  5. Hardware Analysis reviews ATI Xpress 200 chipset
  6. Legion Hardware reviews Gigabyte 8TRX330-L
  7. Legit Reviews has Corsair DDR2 running at 802MHz
  8. Xtreme Resources reviews 2 X 512MB Crucial Technology Ballistix PC4000 memory
  9. hardCOREware reviews HighPoint RocketRAID 1640

  1. HEXUS reviews MSI RX700PRO-TD256E
  2. Gamers-Depot reviews VisionTek X800 XT AGP
  3. Computing On Demand reviews DXG-308U digital camera
  4. Spode's Abode performs SATA & PATA hard drive group test (15 drives)
  5. LinuxLookup reviews 200GB Seagate external drive
  6. Rojak Pot reviews Creative Zen Portable Media Center
  7. Digit-Life reviews Nokia 7270 GSM phone
  8. ExtensionTech reviews USB computer desk lamp
Power, cases, and cooling

  1. LAN Addict reviews XG Vigor 500 power supply
  2. bit-tech's Blackmesa II case mod: part 2
  3. Hi-Techreviews on Vantec NexStar 2 external 5.25 drive enclosure
  4. TweakTown reviews Swiftech H20-120 Rev2 Athlon 64 watercooling kit
  5. Big Bruin reviews Titan Siberia 12cm K8 CPU and system cooler
  6. PC Perspective reviews Cooler Master Hyper 48
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