TR update

In case you missed it, over the weekend the shiny, new TR Forums went online. They're much better than what we were using before, and we're still working the kinks out of the new system. This messageboard engine is a monster: very flexible, totally configurable, and busting at the seams with features. Take our test poll to see polling in action. We'll get a "real" poll online once I cook up a decent topic.

Another weekend addition is a new account management page for accounts for the comments system. Currently, you'll need a separate account for the Forums and the comments system. Since the Forums' account management is excellent, I thought I'd better try to get the comments system setup cleaned up, too. If you are having troubles with your comments system account, or if you are an incessantly Anonymous Gerbil, check the new account management page to get right.

The 'bread will be a bit sparse the next day or two; Josh is going back to nature this week, so you're stuck with my feeble attempts. After Josh returns, Andy and I will be hopping a plane to L.A. for the E3 Expo. We'll do our best to update from E3, but that will depend on our Internet access situation. We'll slap together an E3 report after the fact, regardless. If you happen to be planning to attend E3 and would like to hook up with the Docs Evil and Damage, drop us a note. Or, since this is L.A., have your people call our people; we'll do lunch.

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