1. Marvel Comics sues makers of City of Heroes (thanks David T. & WebHobbit)
  2. Ars Technica on malware: what it is and how to prevent it
  3. osRadio responds to The Independent about iPod licensing, 3rd party software
  4. osViews' NeXTSTEP to Mac OS X article
  5. HEXUS on a private home for retired supercomputers
  6. Auphan Online on downloading anime: is it legal?
  7. TheTechLounge's high-end buyer’s guide
  8. Digital Silence updates PCI Express reference guide to version 2.1
  9. Rojak Pot has part 4 of the virtual memory optimization guide rev. 4.0
  10. OCIA has a beginner's guide to overclocking
  11. ClubOC reviews WinTasks 5.0 Pro
  12. TechIMO's World of Warcraft preview
  13. Mikhailtech's November giveaway

  1. [H]ard|OCP on OCing the Athlon 64 3200+ 90nm
  2. t-break reviews ATI Xpress 200 chipset
  3. Viper Lair reviews ABIT KV8 Pro-3rd Eye
  4. HEXUS reviews Gigabyte GA-K8VT800 Pro
  5. PC Perspective reviews ASUS V9999 Ultra Deluxe
  6. TechTastic reviews Samsung SyncMaster 710N LCD monitor
  7. Mikhailtech reviews Logisys SP6001BK 2.1 speakers
  8. A True Review of Altec Lansing inMotion headphones
  9. Dan's Data is bewildered by 1700 flashlights?!
  10. 2CPU reviews SilverStone Temjin TJ05-ST case
  11. Tweaknews reviews Thermaltake Circlefire multimedia drive bay
  12. Big Bruin reviews Thermaltake Big Water 12cm liquid cooling system
  13. GruntvillE reviews DangerDen D4 pump and HDPE bay reservoir
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