Micron's Samurai DDR to switch loyalties

Yep, Micron's oft-neglected Samurai chipset line will be reworked to support the AMD Athlon. This is quite the course change for Micron. Looks like they changed their minds when they realized the sales potential for a DDR Athlon chipset:
That strategy did an about-face, when Klein said this week that Micron is upbeat about the Samurai's ability to generate appreciable merchant-market sales by supporting the Athlon desktop processor. "We see a high volume for an Athlon DDR chipset," he said. "Our chipset road map includes Athlon in a big way."

Specifically, Micron's Samurai would support sockets in the Athlon market alongside AMD's upcoming 760 DDR chipset, which is targeted at desktops and servers using two-way processors, Klein said.

Now, I'm no expert on this whole Rambus vs. DDR fiasco, but I'll betcha the desire to drive a nail or two into the Rambus coffin had something to do with this decision, as well.

Of course, the void left in the Athlon chipset market by Hotrail's recent decision to skeedaddle may have had something to do with Micron's move, too. Whoever can deliver a quality multiprocessor chipset for the Athlon and its EV6 bus could wind up offering the fastest, best high-end server solution in the x86 world. From EBNS:

Klein declined to comment on HotRail's market exit, but sources said high-performance Athlon servers could connect any number of processors to an equal number of Samurai chipsets. The Athlon architecture is able to use individual 266-MHz processor bus lines, each of which talks to its own chipset, as opposed to Intel's architecture, which uses a shared processor-bus line.
I'll take two, please.
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