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If you're looking for the latest on the whole ILOVEYOU debacle, has you covered. There's an article on the cost of the virus (estimates say the eventual tally could be in excess of $10 billion), the different variants that have sprung up, the search for the creator of the virus, and a big ol' slam on Microsoft for making this all possible. They've even got an article discussing jokes about the virus, which you have to admit is reaching.

The article I found most interesting was the one detailing the search for the virus author. Apparently the leading suspect is a young woman in the Phillipines. Unfortunately the facts in the article get a little sketchy at this point. The suspect seems to be a suspect because it appears the virus was launched from a computer she owns. It also says, however, that "anybody" could've used that computer to launch the virus, implying that the computer was located in at least a semi-public place. Authorities also said that even if she was the actual author, she'd probably already destroyed any evidence linking her to the virus.

In prevention news, nobody gave me a compelling reason for the average user to not associate .vbs files with Notepad (which keeps ILOVEYOU and any other VBScript viruses from activating) so I'm probably going to go ahead and push it out to the workstations in my network tomorrow morning. If you're in a network admin kinda line of work, you might consider doing the same. Remember, one curious user clicking on "Open this attachment" and it's time to run for the fallout shelter.

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