Chipset shortage frustrates mobo makers

Taiwan's motherboard makers have told DigiTimes that their product shipments may be hampered this quarter by tight supplies of Intel 845 and 865 chipsets. Apparently, Intel has created the problem in its attempts to move the industry toward LGA775 processors and PCI Express chipsets:
Efforts by Intel to force the PC industry to migrate to the 915 platform by reducing the supply of its 865 and 845 chipsets have caused the shortfall, the sources noted.

The problem is that 915-based motherboards currently account for just 10% of the Pentium 4 motherboards sold in the channel, while 865- and 845-based boards still remain the mainstream and account for 80% of the market, said the sources.

Weekly demand for the 865- and 845-series chipsets at some leading makers, including Asustek Computer and Gigabyte Technology, currently outstrips allotted supply by about 100,000 chipsets, the sources stated.

ECS, MSI, and Abit are also affected. Abit told DigiTimes it had only "20-30% of the chipsets it needs per week." Overall, the mobo makers seem to expect lower shipments and sales as a result of the shortfall.
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