Albatron announces Socket 939 mobo with PCI-E

We should see a fair number of Athlon 64 motherboards with PCI Express support announced over the coming weeks, and sure enough, a press release detailing Albatron's K8X890 Pro just hit my inbox. Based on VIA's K8T890 Pro chipset, the K8X890 Pro packs a PCI Express x16 graphics slot, Envy24 PT audio, and surprisingly, a single PCI-E x4 slot rather than a collection of x1 slots. The press release hypes the x4 slot as being ready for future network interfacing, but with GigE on-board, the x4 slot may be more appropriate for SCSI or RAID cards. Don't forget that PCI-E x4 slots are also compatible with x1 cards.

Although Albatron doesn't currently list the K8X890 Pro on its web site, you can see pictures of the board here.

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