In defense of Via—sort of

In a post yesterday, I cited my own recent problems with a KX133 board to support the theory that the KX133 chipset is to blame for its incompatabilities with the new Thunderbird Athlons. In retrospect, that probably wasn't fair, because this little Epox board had turned me into a believer—it was a model of stability—until I installed Windows 2000 on it. Now comes a KX133 motherboard round-up at THG (Teutonic Hormone Giant) in which the reviewers were unable to complete performance testing in Win2K. In fact, they chucked 2000 and went back to NT 4.0.

So it appears the KX133's worst problems are confined to Windows 2000, and they're almost certainly just a driver issue. Not that KX133 owners are any better off now, but supposedly Via may be working on a fix. I've asked one of the best mobo manufacturers about this issue; I'll let you know what they have to say.

Update: THG has an update on this situation, including word of an improved AGP driver obtained from Asus. Thanks to TR reader Ron Hanaki for the heads up.

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