Utility detects Pentium 4 thermal throttling

I saw over at The Inq that Panopsys has released a utility called ThrottleWatch that will detect and report Pentium 4 thermal throttling. This utility is useful because the most common form of Pentium 4 thermal throttling doesn't show up as a lower clock speed, and thus it's rather difficult to detect. ThrottleWatch is free to download.

I'm curious to see how prevalent thermal throttling is in Intel's newest processors. If you have access to a Pentium 4 "Prescott" processor-based system, do me favor: give this thing a try and post your results in the comments below. Do you see thermal throttling during everyday use of the computer? If so, what brand and model is it? What CPU does it have? Also, try subjecting the system to prolonged computational loads, like Folding. What happens? Can the system take it without throttling itself back?

Gamers may be interested to know that ThrottleWatch will also record results to a text file during a gaming session, so it's possible to find out about throttling that happens when the ThrottleWatch window isn't showing. Anybody seeing any Pentium 4 throttling while gaming?

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