• Microsoft offers to swap pirated copies of Windows XP for legal ones (thanks Tech)
  • HEXUS previews Bloodline LAN - Intel P4 EE challenge
  • Gamers-Depot reviews Tribes: Vengeance
  • GamersHell has Half-Life 2 Bullet Time mod v1
  • Phoronix has Half-Life 2 screenshots
  • bleedin edge asks, "90nm vs 130nm: does it really matter?" (AMD Newcastle vs. Winchester cores)
  • PCStats reviews Albatron Mars PX915P-AGPe & Corsair TwinX1024-3200XL memory
  • Techniz reviews PowerColor X700 Pro 256MB PCI Express
  • ClubOC reviews Saitek gaming keyboard & Gamerzstuff Xtreme mouse pad
  • 3dGameMan reviews 335W HEC Windmill ultra quiet power supply
  • OCIA reviews Sunbeam Samurai case
  • ClubOC reviews Vantec EZ swap2
  • Phoronix reviews ATake UV two-color LED fan
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