Coppermine collapse?

Another excellent industry update from Dean Kent surfaces, and this time around, he's got one doozy of a scoop if it's true. Check this out:
What has to be the most interesting bit of news for this month is the reports that Intel will begin shipping Katmai processors in volume once again. Yes, I am talking about Slot 1 Pentium III 550, 600 and (perhaps) 650MHz processors in quantity. One manufacturer told me that Intel notified them last week that as much as 60% of all shipments will be comprised of these processors until at least September.

The reason given is that the FC-PGA packaging is still a major problem that has forced Intel to push out their higher speed Celerons, and has prevented higher speed Coppermine Pentium IIIs from being made available in quantity. This seems to finally provide some solid evidence as to what Intel's problems have been these past 6 months with regard to processor shipments.

Yes, Katmai is the old .25-micron Pentium III core with an external L2 cache. Can you imagine these puppies flooding the market again? Thing is, with demand raging, this may be a very smart move from Intel. (Credit Ace's for the link.)
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