Supermicro brings SLI to LGA775

Akiba PC Hotline has the scoop on a new motherboard from Supermicro that brings SLI to the Pentium 4. To date, Intel-based SLI platforms have required expensive Xeon processors, but the P8SAA+ accepts LGA775 Pentium 4s. Unlike nForce4 SLI boards, the P8SAA+ doesn't appear to require a PCI Express redirector card to divide PCI-E lanes between its x16 slots. Hopefully the board will see the light of day in the US, giving Intel fanboys a more affordable SLI platform than a dual Xeon solution. The P8SAA+ still isn't cheap, though. With a price tag of about $341 USD, the board could cost up to $100 more than SLI-capable nForce4 platforms.
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