Weekly Folding update

Welcome back to our weekly Folding update. Since our in-depth looks at other teams seem pretty popular, this week we're going to look at one of our upcoming conquests.

But first, the weekly stats and links:

In past updates, we've taken in-depth looks at Team Mac OS X and the SA Goons. Those are teams we need to be concerned with, because they are currently nipping at our heels. This week, and for the next few weeks, we're going to look up the standings at the teams directly ahead of us—teams that we can pass with a bit of work. The first of these teams is our next conquest: Maximum PC Magazine.

Maximum PC Magazine is a monthly publication that deals in technology reviews and rankings. Their readership is somewhere in the area of 300,000 individuals according to information available at their website. The Maximum PC Magazine forums have also noticed our approach. We currently out-produce them by more than 43,000 points per day and will overtake them in about four days if current production rates are maintained. #8, here we come!

Maximum PC has more members than The Tech Report team—almost 100 more active members and a whopping 1500 more members overall. However, they lack the "power folders" that both the Mac team and the Goons have. Maximum PC Magazine's top folder is Hyppy at 3,121 points per day. That kind of production would only put him in the Top 5 on team TR (not that we wouldn't welcome him, of course). On average, we easily outpace team Maximum PC in all areas.

Maximum PC Magazine's folding team is ranked eighth in the world, and for that, they are to be congratulated. As we all know, folding is more about combating disease than competition between teams. That said, Maximum PC Magazine just doesn't have the firepower to stand up to Team TR's challenge at this time. By our next update, they will be #9 and we will be #8. To any members of Maximum PC Magazine's folding team that might be reading this: thank you for your contributions to Folding@Home. As we pass you, a word of warning: keep an eye out for the Mac folks and the Goons; they're right behind us.

On the Frankenbot front, the Diskless Monstrosity is progressing. Cass has put in about 30-40 hours per week (no, that's not a typo; it's been like a second full-time job for the man!) trying to get every bit of production that he can out of the Monstrosity. If that doesn't deserve a huge pat on the back, nothing does. The Monstrosity currently has six processors churning out work units for Frank, with several more expected in the next few days. The Frankenbot project has a total of 13 processors and is now a regular on our Top 20 producers list. A big thanks to everyone who contributed to the project. Check here for details on our 'bots and here for a listing of what parts we're on the lookout for.

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