1. MP3 goes surround (thanks blitzy)
  2. VIA and QSound announce licensing agreement for audio technology
  3. ResellerRatings 2004 holiday gift guide
  4. The Tech Zone shows how to search your PC with Google Desktop
  5. Short-Media shows how to diagnose PC problems with Memtest86+
  6. AtomicFire and Gamepyre review Half-Life 2
  7. Hardware Analysis reviews Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
  8. PDA Today reviews Documents To Go Premium Edition 7.0
  9. Win the HSU Research VTF-3 powered subwoofer from eCoustics
  10. Website du jour: DVD Burner
Networking and graphics

  1. A True Review of X-Micro WLAN 11g router and PCMCIA card
  2. Hardware Analysis on graphics processors, running hot and wild?
  3. Digit-Life on setting up and rendering illumination in Brazil r/s
  4. Hardware Analysis reviews ATI Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition
  5. BeHardware tests 17 ATI and 11 NVIDIA AGP and PCI Express graphic cards
  6. TweakTown's mainstream PCI Express shootout – Radeon X700 Pro vs. GeForce 6600 GT
  7. Overclockers New Zealand reviews Sapphire Radeon 9550 128MB

  1. StorageReview has a look at Seagate's final 10K RPM Cheetah
  2. X-bit labs tests 16 hard disk drives with 200GB+ storage capacity
  3. XtremeComputing reviews 200GB Seagate external HDD
  4. Bona Fide Reviews on Samsung CLP-550 color laser printer
  5. eCoustics reviews Roku SoundBridge M2000 network music player
  6. Pyroport reviews aigo F186 512MB portable MP3 player
  7. hard-h2o reviews Steelpad S&S mouse pad
Casing and cooling

  1. CoolTechZone reviews Thermaltake Shark case
  2. Viper Lair reviews Ultra mini portable disk
  3. OCModShop reviews Matrix Orbital MX312
  4. Björn3D reviews mCubed T-Balancer
  5. Big Bruin reviews Waffer PC AirCon PAC 400 system cooler
  6. InsaneTek reviews Alpha PAL8150T
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