Off to E3

Well, we're heading off to E3 tomorrow, so news may be a little scarce over the next few days. Josh is back, so the 'bread should be fresh, however. While we're out, spend some time checking out our spiff new forums and bug Sander with lots of questions about 'em, so he doesn't miss me. He's already taken to trolling for Intel/AMD flames, and we haven't even left yet.

In other news, our test poll has the OCP's Kyle Bennett in a dead heat with my 8-month-old son over the question, "Who would win in a fistfight?" Anand and Sharky are far behind, with Dr. Tom in dead last. I don't know what that means, but I'm pretty sure it scares me. Go vote if you haven't already.

Oh, and sorry about the lack of news updates today. The server was down last night, which kinda killed e-mail and news posting. We should be finding a new server/hosting outfit soon.

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