nForce5 details emerge

The Inquirer has sizzling details on NVIDIA’s upcoming nForce5 chipset. Thanks to NVIDIA's recently acquired Intel technology license, the nForce5 is expected to support an 800 or 1066MHz front-side bus. There's also speculation that the chipset will support upcoming Pentium 4 600 series chips, future dual core products, EM64T, and DDR2-533 and DDR2-667 exclusively. Much like the nForce4, the nForce5 is expected to offer 20 configurable PCI Express lanes, with SLI being optional. However, unlike the nForce4, nForce5 is expected to be a two-chip design. The new MCP04 south bridge will likely feature a standard assortment of USB, SATA, RAID, and GigE options. NVIDIA may also add high definition audio to the mix to better compete with Intel's existing chipsets, although SoundStorm is unlikely to return.
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