No honor among thieves or adware developers

I saw an interesting story on regarding the latest trend in adware. One adware company (Avenue Media) is suing another adware company (DirectRevenue) for writing a 'seek and destroy' operation into its software. DirectRevenue's adware looks for Avenue Media's adware, then disables and uninstalls it. Avenue Media claims that it has lost half its installed base as a result.

This is certainly an.... entertaining turn of events, made even more entertaining by the fact that DirectRevenue makes no secret of either the fact that its software is adware or said software's cannibalistic tendencies. From the license agreement:

"You further understand and agree, by installing the software, that the software may, without any further prior notice to you, remove, disable or render inoperative other adware programs resident on your computer."
While this is amusing at some level, dueling adware programs duking it out on an unsuspecting user's PC has a lot of potential for problems. It's all fun and games until somebody gets their eye put out or their data deleted.
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