Weekly Folding update

Welcome back to the Folding update. Before we get into this week's team profile, check out our weekly stats and links. Read them. Learn them. Love them.

Last week, we took a look at team Maximum PC Magazine, who we have since passed for eighth place. This week, we're going to look at our next conquest, Team Rage3D.

Rage3D calls itself the "largest ATI support community and website on the internet." They seem to have a problem keeping members active, though. Team Rage3D's total membership is far greater ours, but we have over 80 more active members and 1,000 more active processors at our disposal.

Like Maximum PC Magazine's Folding team, team Rage3D lacks "power folders." In fact, their overall points leader, 1920x1080i-How???, hasn't had an active processor in the last 50 days and appears to have given up on folding. Losing the #39 ranked folder in the world is never good for business. Team Rage3D's top active folder is appliedboy at 3,149 points per day. That level of production would be good for about 5th on Team TR.

According to the latest EOC update, we will pass Team Rage 3D for seventh place in just 30 days. That's all for this week. Happy Folding!

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