I know many of you have been having trouble with excessive CPU utilization and sluggish browsing around the site lately because of some of the Flash ads that have been running. I've switched a few more of the worst offenders over to GIF this evening while we work out the authoring issues in these Flash files with our advertisers. I apologize for the inconvenience. I'd have switched them over sooner, but I've been out traveling this week.

For the record, we don't allow pop-ups, pop-unders, interstatials, takeovers, adult ads, or any other such junk, and we don't intend for our regular in-page ads to cause folks problems. We continue to work with our advertisers to make sure their Flash ads don't cause CPU utilization problems. Some of these things we can change quickly, but some of the others will take a few days. Please bear with us. Things should be considerably improved already.

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