DFI to intro its own flavor of SLI

Are you ready for XLI technology? That's possibly the name of DFI's variant of SLI tech. The folks at Hexus have a quick write-up about DFI's plans, which do not include a card-to-card SLI connector:
DFI have also reported to us that you do not need the additional PCB bridge, which NVIDIA claims to pump 1GB/s throughput, apparently this can be run via the board. We are dubious about this, but we are interested in seeing the performance hit on this change. We know that the PCI-E bus is capable of running high bandwidth graphics (Alienwares original ALX video array technology).
All of this sounds a little crazy, perhaps, but I can vouch for the authenticity of the report, because I was present for the conversation. DFI apparently had to go its own way because NVIDIA was working exclusively with the top three mobo makers when it first developed SLI. I really wonder whether DFI will be able to produce good performance and decent compatibility with a proprietary approach, but time will tell.
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