Weekly Folding update

Welcome back to the Folding update. This week, a story of rivalry, jealousy, and good old-fashioned fun. But first, the weekly stats and links:

In past updates, we've taken in-depth looks at Team Mac OS X, the SA Goons and Maximum PC Magazine. Last week, we looked at Team Rage3D, and it seems that the Rage folks overheard our discussion.

Team Rage3D member hotwired first invaded the Distributed Computing Forum at 7:25pm Friday. Hotwired suggested that we'd be much better off giving up on our expected conquest of Team Rage3D and should consider joining them instead. This suggestion was met with the appropriate booing and hissing, so hotwired went back to the Rage3D forum for reinforcements. Sure enough, along came another invader, absolutefunk with impossible-to-verify offers of money and *ahem* other goods and services. Hotwired and absolutefunk were soon joined by other Team Rage3D members intent on derailing our rise to the top. Their pleas were met with laughter and derision, as one would expect.

Since the Rage folks were kind enough to pay us a visit, several TR folks decided to return the favor with a trip over to the Rage3D forum to invite their Folders to surrender peacefully. Unfortunately, our best efforts have met with limited to no success, so our original plan to pass Team Rage3D in 25 days remains in effect. It's been fun bantering Rage3D, but Ars and 2CPU.com await.

In other news, the updated TR Folding Tutorial is nearing completion. You can see the mockup here and toss in your $0.02.

In Frankenbot news, a few processors have been donated in the past week and we're looking to get them up and folding soon. We're still looking for PC2700 and PC3200 memory to get our underclocked 'bots running faster, and we can still use some more processors. Frank currently has 13 active processors and is ranked #59 on the team. Check here for specs on our currently running 'bots. Nice work for all involved and thanks for donating.

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