Little SiS on sibling rivalry

DigiTimes has an interview with Nelson Lee, a director at SiS, about the state of competition in the chipset market, the evolution of the company's business model, and the future direction of SiS chipsets. On both the Intel and AMD fronts, the chipset maker wants to blaze a different trail than the chip giants. SiS is not as bullish on PCI Express as other companies. The company only recently gaining certification, saying "it wasn't required by our customers."

The tastiest morsel from the interview is that SiS seems not to like AMD's integrated memory controller. Said Lee:

I believe we have more experience than AMD in designing memory controllers. Actually, we’d like to see AMD stop putting the memory controller in the CPU. I approached AMD about this several times, but they have their own reasons for integrating the memory controller with the CPU.
Interesting indeed.
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