Back from E3!

Just got back today from the Electronic Entertainment Expo in L.A. I'm exhausted, but we were able to get caught up with the latest hardware and get an in-person look at some very cool tech. We'll put up a full report soon, but I'll try to cover a few highlights now. Among them:

  • 3dfx, AMD, Matrox, NVIDIA, and others updated us on their latest and greatest stuff. AMD let us get a look at a T-bird and play "grill the PR people" over KX133/T-bird issues and Socket A overclocking.

  • In terms of spectacle, the Voodoo 5 6000 was definitely worth writing home about. Here's a picture of the card in 3dfx's demo box. Note the (rather large) external power supply sitting on top of the case. Insane.

    Honkin' card, honkin' power supply.
    (Click for a larger version.)

    We got to play some Q3A at 2048x1536 resolution with 4X full-scene anti-aliasing enabled. The game ran smooth as glass on this beast.

  • Fresh off his $40,000 RazerCPL victory, my friend and fellow Lee's Summit, Missouri, resident, Johnathan "Fatality" Wendel, managed to win himself a Suzuki superbike in Mplayer's Q3A tourney. Check it out:

    Play Quake, win a bike.
    (Click for a larger version.)

    Click on the picture if you want a better look at the bike. John won the final round 14 to -2.

  • We learned that Quality Inn is neither "Quality" nor an "Inn," unless "Inn" means "motel" and "Quality" means "something really not very good."
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