WinFS: Clear as mud has an article on WinFS, Longhorn and Blackcomb among other things. The article manages to be pretty long while revealing very little.

One item of note is that WinFS, Microsoft's whiz-bang new filesystem, will not be a part of either the client or server version of Longhorn. Longhorn is the next version of Windows which is currently slated to ship in 2006 (client) and 2007 (server).

At one point, Windows Server Chief Bob Muglia admits in an interview that "Our mistake, frankly--and it was a mistake--was to go out and talk about it before we really had clarity as to how we would be able to deliver it and all the complexities there."

After admitting that it was a bad idea to talk up WinFS, he then proceeds to.... talk up WinFS:

"This isn't a relational database," he said. "This is a brand-new data model, and it satisfies a whole class of applications that frankly have been unsatisfied from a data model perspective since the beginning of history. We've been working on things like this for a long time."
Since the beginning of history, eh? No pressure there. The article then talks about coming developments in Server 2003, including Service Pack 1 scheduled for March of 2005.

One final quote from Mr. Muglia: "We're working in lockstep with our client brethren." I'm not sure what he means by that, but it sounds like something the bad guys in Lord Of The Rings would say. If Microsoft is intent on ditching its evil empire image, they should cut back on use of the word "brethren."

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