Weekly Folding update

Welcome back to the Folding update. This week, we'll be covering a few miscellaneous topics and tying up some loose ends to get ready for the New Year. But first, the weekly stats and links. Peruse at your convenience.

The first of this week's unrelated topics is the rebirth of UnitedGerbilNation. Several members of Team TR have over 30 active processors producing more than 3,000 points per day. With that kind of production at the top and plenty of other power Folders, it's difficult for an individual with only a couple of processors to climb the rankings. To give these team members a shot at the top, UnitedGerbilNation was created. Folders who want to see their name climbing the rankings faster can join UGN's "team within a team" and join forces to challenge more powerful power folders. UGN is currently ranked #35 on Team TR and could be your ticket to the Top 20.

Our next bit of news is more sobering. Team MacOS X has returned to our threats list. Several weeks ago, we took an in-depth look at the Mac folks and determined that other than their top two or three Folders, they weren't much of a threat. Well, those top two folders have stepped to the plate and increased their production by more than 20,000 points per day. This is not a threat to be taken lightly.

Next, we revisit an old topic that refuses to die: The Leor/Haggis Folding war. We first documented this epic battle in October and little has changed since then. Back then, I compared this rivalry to Yankees and Red Sox, but as Leor and Haggis continue to trade blows, the rivalry is taking on a life of its own.

Last, but certainly not least, we welcome three new hosts to the Frankenbot project. However, it appears that someone has upped a Frankenbot under an incorrect name. We've checked all the known 'bots and they all appear to be configured correctly, so the current theory is that someone has donated and is hosting an entire system that is configured with the name TR_Frankenbot. We appreciate the donation and welcome the addition to the project. Even with the incorrect name, the points are going to Team TR, but it would still be nice to track down this rogue 'bot and get it correctly configured as a TRFrankenbot.

After the holidays, we will have a few more 'bots up and running, so look for Frank back in the Top 20 after the New Year. Check here for details on our 'bots and here for parts we need.

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