idchafee has posted his end-of-year recap of our three Fantasy Football leagues' contests. My team, Damaged Goods, made a nice run in the middle of season to bring itself back into contention after a shaky start, but then it fell off due to poor management and neglect. For several weeks in a row, I remember sitting in church and realizing that I hadn't checked up on my team or made any roster moves for the week. By then, it was too late. I lost four of the last five as Damaged Goods tanked like a Schottenheimer-coached team in the playoffs. I had to console myself with a meaningless end-of-year victory over Kevin's Evil Overlords, which was strangely satisfying.

Frobozz_Inc won my league, while ManosHoF and Maceman won the other two. Congrats, guys! Also, a big, hearty thanks to idchafee for organizing the leagues and making this all possible. Very well done.

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