HardOCP declares victory over Infinium Labs

Kyle and the gang at the cold, HardOCP are declaring victory in their legal battle against Infinium Labs, since Infinium has apparently agreed to settle things and stop trying to force the HardOCP to take down the article that started the dispute. There's more information at the HardOCP and Whereisphantom.com. The HardOCP brought the suit against Infinium in a preemptive move after multiple threats of legal action by Infinium. The judge's order describes the admissions made by Infinium Labs, including the declaration "that the publication of an article concerning defendants . . . does not constitute unfair competition . . or an unfair business practice, trade disparagement, trade libel, and tortious interference with contract under Texas law".

In other words, Kyle wins. The article stays online, and Infinium Labs backs down.

The only thing left at issue now is compensation for attorney's fees. The HardOCP will obviously seek to have their legal costs, which are somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000 according to the site, covered by Infinium. The HardOCP has won every major legal skirmish along the way, as far as I know, and they might just win the fight over legal fees, as well.

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