Gigabyte does dual PCI-E graphics for LGA775

Gigabyte has announced an LGA775 motherboard that supports dual PCI Express graphics cards. The GA-8I915P Dual Graphic appears to be based on Intel's 915 chipset, making it unlikely that the board serves a full 16 PCI-E lanes to each of its x16 slots. Gigabyte claims that the board can leverage dual graphics cards for better 3D performance and four-screen multimonitor goodness, although there's no mention of which graphics cards will work in tandem on the board. The press release also claims that the GA-8I915P Dual Graphic is the "world's first Dual PCI-E Graphic support motherboard for the IntelĀ® platform," however, we spotted a Supermicro LGA775 board with dual PCI Express graphics card slots over a month ago.
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