Poll update

Well, by the looks of it, our test poll is pretty much decided. On the question of "Who would win in a fistfight?", the people have spoken.

If it all came down, here's the basic scenarios folks seem to envision:

Kyle Bennett (163 votes) and my 8-month-old son, Jr. Damage (76 votes), would lay utter waste to the rest of the field, with Kyle clubbing Dr. Tom (11) over the noggin with a massive heatsink while Jr. Damage would viciously sink his one tooth into the boy wonder (11 votes). The first two victim's limbs would then be used to beat down Sharky (9 votes) and Thresh (5 votes).

Finally, the FrgMstr and Jr. Damage would square off, with Kyle being placed in the uncomfortable position of having to beat up a baby. Oh yeah, sure, it's a ninja baby, but still..

Anyhow, I've added a new poll which asks the question, How wired are you? I'm interested to see how you guys answer this one, so go vote.

By the way, polling comes courtesy of our amazing new Forums. Take a second to check 'em out if you haven't already.

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