ATI announces TV Wonder Elite

To kick off the CES festivities, ATI has announced a new TV tuner card. The newest addition to the TV Wonder family comes in the form of the TV Wonder Elite. It uses ATI’s recently announced Theater 550 Pro.
This new TV capture card incorporates the same advanced video processing technology that ATI developed for high-end televisions – almost all the major TV manufacturers are using ATI’s digital television (DTV) technology. As a result, TV WONDER ELITE delivers high-end TV image quality to PCs, offering exceptional visual results previously seen only in home theater settings.
ATI equips the Elite with a silicon TV and FM radio tuner which delivers slightly better image quality than analog tuners. And instead of requiring an external audio cable for audio transmission, the Elite passes audio via the PCI bus. The TV Wonder Elite is compatible with Windows XP and Media Center Edition 2005 and carries a MSRP of $149.
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