AMD reveals Turion

C|Net reports that AMD has revealed its competitor to Intel's Centrino mobile technology: Turion. Details are still sketchy, but Turion is expected to be an energy efficient notebook processor similar to Intel's Pentium M processor. However, all is not lost as C|Net provides this colorful analysis on AMD's choice of the Turion brand name.
Unlike many chips, such as Intel's Celeron or AMD's Sempron, Turion does not derive from a perusal of a Latin dictionary. The brand name connotes "tour," he [AMD marketing manager Bahr Mahony] said. However, "turion" also refers to vegetative dormant organs produced by perennial aquatic plants.
All kidding aside, notebooks with Turion inside should challenge Intel's dominance in the mobile marketplace when they hit retail some time during the first half of this year. Intel, for its part, will release a new mobile chip code-named Sonoma in a few weeks.
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