S3 announces DeltaChrome S8 ULP and ChromoZone

S3 Graphics has introduced the DeltraChrome S8 ULP, an ultra low power 8-pipeline DirectX 9.0 graphics card. The AGP 8X part also supports HDTV component video output with resolutions from 480i to 1080p. Needless to say, because of its low power consumption and minimal cooling needs, as well as its alleged video capabilities, the product seems ideally suited for small form factor and home theater PCs when it hits retail in Q1 2005. Time and the benchmarks will tell.

S3 has also announced a new PC gamer website called ChromoZone.

ChromoZone is a free of charge service for the entire gaming community. Visitors to the site will have an opportunity to download full versions of showcase games – in addition to many demo and trial applications and upgrades. For those wanting to personalize their systems there will be cool screensavers and backgrounds, developed by ChromoZone partners and users. Those feeling creative will be able to submit artwork for cool prizes and publication.
While it seems hard to believe that people will be able to download full versions of showcase games, credit S3 Graphics for catering to the gaming fanatics and trying to support their products with a free-of-charge public forum. In the past, S3 has received criticism for some of its products' shortcomings. Maybe these announcements will begin to turn the tide of public opinion in its favor.
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