Hitachi adds to storage family

Baby boomer Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has made several additions to its growing hard drive family. Hitachi announced the Deskstar 7K500, Deskstar T7K250, Deskstar 7K80, Travelstar "Slim," and "Mikey," the baby Microdrive. Being the world's first half-a-terabyte Serial ATA hard drive, the Deskstar 7K500 is surely awesome, but the Deskstar 7K500, T7k250, and 7K80 are the first hard drives to meet the Serial ATA II spec and boast a 3 Gb/s data transfer rate. The Serial ATA II spec also includes Native Command Queuing and something called "staggered spin-up."
Staggered, or delayed, spin-up enables the host to individually “spin-up” drives in multi-drive configurations. This reduces the power draw of a booting system, enabling system designers to reduce the size of the power supply and minimize the total cost of ownership for end-users.
The three drives also feature Hitachi's "Smooth Stream" technology which is said to optimize video streaming by allowing the host to control the hard drive's error recovery process and thereby enable the drive to better capture video streams.

The two miniature drives are noteworthy, too. "Mikey," the baby Microdrive, is a one-inch hard drive with capacities from 8 to 10 GB. "Slim" is being billed as the world's smallest and lightest 1.8" hard drive. The newest Travelstar will come in one- and two-disk versions with capacities from 30 - 40 GB and 60 - 80 GB of storage, respectively. These drives are tailor-made for future digital music players.

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