NVIDIA adds AGP, PCI-E graphics card variations

NVIDIA has added new AGP and PCI Express graphics products to its lineup. For budget-minded gamers, the GeForce 6600 AGP will face off against the Radeon 9600 XT in the $149-$199 price range. The 6600 AGP carries a core clock of 300MHz and memory clocked between 250 and 275MHz, depending on board manufacturer discretion.

For PCI-E, NVIDIA has introduced the GeForce 6800 LE PCI Express. Cards will be priced between $229 and $279, right between ATI's new Radeon X800 and X800XL. The 6800 LE PCI-E is clocked at 325MHz core and 300MHz memory and comes with a 256-bit memory bus and full SLI support.

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