Spyware causing users to unplug

We probably don't need any more reminders about the magnitude and ubiquity of the spam and spyware problems around here, but just in case you've forgotten how bad it is, this L.A. Times story should help. Spam and spyware are turning the tide against home PCs with fast Internet access, the story claims:
A small but growing number of frustrated computer owners are coming to the same conclusion. They're giving up or cutting back their use of the Internet, especially at home, where no corporate tech support team will ride to their rescue.

Instead of making life easier — the essential promise of technologies since the steam engine — the home PC of late has made some users feel stupid, endangered or just hassled beyond reason.

Spyware and its related offshots, especially, are taking the joy out of the PC experience for a lot of folks. Makes me wonder if many people won't end up bypassing the traditional PC for simpler, appliance-like devices that handle only one or two tasks, like e-mail or web browsing, without being so vulnerable to abuse.
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