Rambus wars heat up

This one took off while we were off at E3, so I'd best bring us all up to date. A couple of recent articles at Anand's and Hardware Central said nice things about RDRAM. Maybe too nice. The folks at Overclockers.com responded to Anand's article in a way I've not seen someone respond to the widely well-respected work of the boy wonder. Flame wars ensued.

Now, JC weighs in with a compilation of comments on the subject from readers, techies, and techie readers. Some of it's definitely worth reading.

The fault lines in this little web-borne controversy are several. There's the visceral "AMD vs. Intel" divide, which is pretty easy to grasp: Intel sympathizers think Rambus is the RAM of the future, while AMD lovers are big on DDR SDRAM. Then there's the techies debating "serial" vs. "parallel" RAM access schemes, latency vs. bandwidth, and the like. There are the investors, stuck in the middle of a tech controversy trying to figure out what the heck to do with their RMBS stock. Finally, there's the "us vs. them" gang, who's probably just looking to pick a fight on the web. Crazy.

Anyhow, near as I can tell, Rambus is in deep, deep trouble, despite Intel's support and regardless of its technical merits.

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