Get ready for the new Athlon and Duron

According to this ZDNet report, AMD may be prepping the release of a whole range of Duron (Spitfire) and Athlon (Thunderbird) chip releases for early June. Of course, ZD is reporting it as plans to "debut 10 new chips" at once. I count two chips at as many as 10 different clock rates. But then the ZDNet folks probably haven't lived the Athlon overclocking experience, eh? Here's how they report it:
Sources said the Duron chip will begin shipping at 600MHz, 650MHz and 700MHz in early June -- possibly as soon June 5. A 750MHz version of the chip will come later, sources said.

The Thunderbird chip, meanwhile, will be available in 50MHz increments, ranging from 700MHz to 1GHz (1,000MHz), sources said. The chips, which retain AMD's current 200MHz system bus, are currently being evaluated by PC makers.

10 new chips, right?

Note that the first Thunderbird chips may come from either AMD's Austin plant, where "classic" Athlons have been produced, or from the new Dresden facility. Chips from Austin will use aluminum interconnects, while Dresden chips will use copper. So copper and aluminum chips will be available side-by-side in the market, and which type you get will be the luck of the draw. I'll be interested to see if the first copper chips actually tolerate overclocking better.

Incidentally, the 'Nerd announced some killer new coolers today that will work with the new Socket A chips, as they will with Intel's current Socket 370 processors. As always, they look to be the kind of cooling overkill only an overclocker could love.

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