Smithfield, 600-series pricing, dates revealed?

DigiTimes has a price list for Intel's upcoming 600-series and dual-core processors. According to the list, 600-series processors will debut on February 20 at speeds between 3.0 and 3.6GHz for between $224 and $605. 800-series dual core "Smithfield" chips will be supposedly be launched in the second quarter of the year at speeds between 2.8 and 3.2GHz for between $241 and $530.

Of course, the big news here isn't so much what Intel's new chips will cost, but the fact that the processor giant could launch dual-core processors in the second quarter of the year. AMD's official roadmap doesn't list dual-core desktop chips until the second half of this year. However, if you look very closely, there appears to be a sliver of hope that dual-core "Toledo" desktop chips could emerge by the end of 1H05.

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